My Future HR is a cross-organisational upskilling initiative aimed at preparing human resource professionals in South Africa to be change agents and co-lead digital transformation projects.
The target audience for the Digital HR Certificate is HR Business Partners, HR Managers and any other similar level position.

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Digital Transformation and the growing skills gap require that companies plan ahead to remain relevant and competitive in the future. Many companies are introducing new technologies as the global economy moves into the digital age,  but are your people prepared and resourced for this transformation?

Human capital investment is more important than ever. Workers will need different skills, not just more skills. It is, however, difficult to determine who needs what skills and to measure how prepared an organisation is in terms of human capabilities. Let us help you to identify the gaps and future proof.  

Digital Skills Trends For Africa (TALKS & WORKSHOPS)

We research and present Digital Skills and Career Trends that are relevant for Africa. Our presentation style is creative; energetic; fun and interactive. This service is for companies;

events and other groups. Knowledge sharing is one of our core values; and we develop and produce video content where we bring a spotlight on different careers and skills that are relevant for the Fourth Industrial Revolution in Africa.

Entrepreneur Coaching for the Digital Revolution

Successful entrepreneurship is vital for the health of our economy in South Africa. The unemployment rate at an all time high, corporates are retrenching for a number of reasons and the 4th industrial revolution is upon us.

This all highlights the importance of providing support for
entrepreneurs to ensure that they are well equipped to contribute to poverty reduction, job creation and ultimately, a successful South Africa for all.